Would it absolutely kill you to get a proper camera? What the hell even…
Dear manufacturers, users want better web cameras!

Asus advertises the quad-array microphone as one of the main features of the ExpertBook, which costs upwards of 2000 Euros (~$2400). It is supposed to improve the video-conferencing experience. At the same time, Asus uses the same 720p web camera as in almost all other current laptops such as the 3000-Euro (~$3600) MacBook Pro. When most people have to use their web camera everyday to study or work from home, this has to change!

Christian Hintze (translated by Stanislav Kokhanyuk), 🇩🇪

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I have recently competed my review of the Asus Expertbook. While I found the extremely light (less than 1 kg) 14-inch ultrabook quite exciting, I am going to use this occasion to make a general criticism about modern laptops. It has to do with the web camera. 

Recently, I gave purchasing advice to two of my acquaintances. The first one is a natural health practitioner who had to rely on video conferencing to see her patients. The other one needed a new work laptop and also wanted her kids to use it for home-schooling. These two and many other people are asking for a laptop with a good web camera in the times of remote work and schooling. However, there is no such laptop.

Even the 2800-Euro (~$3350) MacBook Pro 16 comes with a 720p web camera, does it not? Entry-level smartphones have better cameras, and many people have to switch to their smartphone when the time comes for video conferencing. The new challenges that we all have to deal with everyday offer manufacturers the opportunity to get new customers by offering a simple feature—a good web camera.

The MacBook Pro 16 & 13: Premium, expensive, but still with a 720p web camera (source: Apple)

In the meantime, many people have to use applications, which turn their smartphone into web cameras. And sure, you can buy a 200-Euro (~$240) 1080p external web camera. However, who would like to have to tote around additional accessories with their new 2000-Euro (~$2400) thin and light laptop? No one. People need a laptop that is fit for all the tasks that have to be carried out throughout the day. And these days, video conferencing is something that a lot of people have to do, which is why, dear manufacturers, we need good web cameras.

Christian Hintze, 2021-03-15 (Update: 2021-03-15)

Views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author.

Because of my interest in computer games I started studying computer science, became a psychologist, but stayed true to the games and the hardware. For example during my year abroad in London as a games tester at Sega. In my spare time I find a balance between PC games and sports (meanwhile mainly indoor soccer and running after my toddler), playing guitar and building bamboo bikes (well, so far only one under guidance).

Comment by Stanislav Kokhanyuk

Views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author.

I am a big fan of technology, which is why I try to keep up with it. Among my other passions are literature and writing, and so it should not be surprising to anyone at all that I have a four-year bachelor’s degree in philology. However, my interests are not limited just to the world of technology, or, for that matter, the world of literature. I am also interested in people and the stories they have to tell. And more recently, I took an interest in artificial intelligence.

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