What time is Godzilla vs Kong released on HBO Max?

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Godzilla vs Kong has arrived on HBO Max. Adam Wingard’s MonsterVerse bout between the two titans landed on March 31 and, as its unsurprising name suggests, Godzilla vs Kong pits Earth’s two biggest monsters against one another in a supposed battle to the death. 

Wingard, the film’s director has already gone on record to say that there will be an outright winner from this monumental tussle (IGN) but there may be more to this fight than meets the eye. There are big leaks for the movie doing the rounds online, so be aware of major spoilers if you’re looking to read up on Godzilla vs Kong before you watch it.

For now, though, it’s the movie’s release time that you’re here for, isn’t it? Let’s waste no more time and dive into the exact launch time for Godzilla vs Kong on HBO Max.

What time is Godzilla vs Kong released in the US?

Godzilla vs Kong is available to watch on HBO Max now. Ahead of its release, HBO Max’s official Twitter account revealed that US audiences could view it from March 31 at 12:01am PT/3:01am ET

Anyone who had checked in to watch it from the moment it dropped will have had a late night. The rest of you, however, will likely be viewing it later today. If that is you, Godzilla vs Kong is available now, so don’t delay.

In three days, witness a battle that will shake the Earth. Godzilla vs. Kong is in theaters March 31 and streaming exclusively on HBO Max at 12:01am PT/3:01am ET. #GodzillaVsKong pic.twitter.com/3TlqV2UAJNMarch 28, 2021

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When will Godzilla vs Kong be available in the UK?

Right now, HBO Max isn’t available in the UK. Some UK-based fans may be disappointed to hear that they can’t join in on the HBO Max fun, but that doesn’t mean that Godzilla vs Kong won’t be available to you. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Godzilla vs Kong will be available to rent online, via Premium Video on Demand (PVOD) services, from April 1 in the UK – and no, that’s not an April Fools joke. Unfortunately, there’s no confirmed time for its release. The movie’s UK Twitter account hasn’t specified, but we imagine it’ll be around 12:01am BST. If we find out for sure before Godzilla vs Kong’s UK launch, we’ll update this page accordingly.

#GodzillaVsKong, are you prepared for cinema’s biggest rivals to clash? 💥 Rent the Movie Premiere at Home on April 1. pic.twitter.com/cO4Er6H8AqMarch 26, 2021

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UK-based film aficionados will have to pay £15.99 in order to rent the film, but you can watch it as many times as you like in the 48-hour rental window that you have from the time that the money leaves your account. At the time of writing, the Godzilla vs Kong UK Twitter account hasn’t specified which PVOD services it’ll be available to rent on. 

Godzilla vs Kong currently has a Google Play Store page listing, but potential viewers can only add it to their wishlist for the moment. We’d expect it to be available on the Sky Store, iTunes Store and Amazon Prime Video, too. Right now, though, we’re still waiting confirmation on which platforms it’ll be available on.

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