Valheim bonemod sounds weird and it looks even weirder

(Image credit: an0nymooose / Iron Gate Studio)

Ever think your Valheim Viking looks just a little too proportional? The Bonemod will clear that embarrassing problem right up for you.

As spotted by Rock Paper Shotgun, the mod allows you to individually alter your Viking’s bones using chat commands in game. In this case “bones” refer to the individual elements of your character’s body: your Viking’s jaw, their head, their hips, and so on. Why would you want to change these aspects of your character? Because it’s funny to make them have tiny hips and a massive, Gaston-eclipsing lantern jaw. It just is.

(Image credit: an0nymooose / Iron Gate Studio)

The mod works by letting you scale each individual bone (there are 14 of them) on three axes – so you can make your parts tall and skinny, short and wide, mega big, super tiny, and so on. The mod does cap out at a size limit of 10 for each dimension – “this is huge” as mod creator an0nymooose explains – but you can disable even these limits if you need to make even more unfathomably massive characters.

If you’re playing online, everybody will need to have the mod installed to see your extra-customized character. Otherwise they’ll just think you’ve been hitting the Tasty Mead a little too hard when you start laughing about the size of your hands and feet.

If you don’t want to become the Titan yourself, you can always use this Valheim Attack on Titan mod to grapple with trolls.

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