Use the Force with these Star Wars Funko Pop! figure deals

Yoda teaches a lesson in the Force

(Image: © Funko)

Star Wars fans can relive some of the most famous scenes from the movies or display their favorite characters on their shelves with Funko Pop!’s awesome Star Wars collections. 

The vinyl figure maker has three Star Wars collections: The Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian, and The Empire Strikes Back. 

Some figurines show snippets of scenes from the movies like Yoda teaching Luke Skywalker how to use the Force in The Empire Strikes Back. Others are simply characters like Chewbacca or the ever popular Baby Yoda. And still others are characters with detail from the movies and show, like Baby Yoda eating a frog. 

These Funko Pop! figures make a wonderful gift if you’re looking for something to impress a Star Wars fan, or you can grab them up for yourself. Either way, has you covered. We’ve looked for the best, most popular characters and scenes in Funko’s Star Wars repertoire. 

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Yoda’s Lesson in the Force

Yoda’s lesson in the Force: $39.99 $29.74 on Amazon 

This famous scene from “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” is on sale right now for 26% off its original price. Relive the moment Yoda teaches Luke Skywalker the ways of the Jedi and about harnessing the Force by lifting the X-Wing from the swamps of Dagobah. View Deal

Kylo Ren fights a Praetorian Guard

Kylo Ren fights a Praetorian Guard: $30.99 $22.99 on Amazon 

This Funko Pop! shows Kylo Ren fighting a Praetorian Guard just as he and Rey did in The Last Jedi. You’ll see details such as Kylo’s famous lightsaber and the scar across his eye in this figure, which stands less than four inches tall. View Deal


D-O: $10.99 $5.49 on Amazon 

The Star Wars universe added its newest droid in the last installment The Rise of Skywalker. Beloved droid BB-8 found and activated D-O, who had deactivated years before when his abusive master Ochi was trapped in quicksand, leaving his ship abandoned in the desert. With this Funko Pop! you can have a D-O of your very own. View Deal

The Child wearing pendant

Baby Yoda wearing pendant: $19.45 on Amazon 

Baby Yoda has captured so many hearts that The Child from The Mandalorian was sold out at Funko almost as soon as he hit the shelves. But now there are many versions of The Child to choose from, including this one in which he’s wearing the Mandalorian’s mythosaur necklace. View Deal

Big Baby Yoda 

Big Baby Yoda: $39.99 $29.93 on Amazon 

If a little Baby Yoda just won’t do it for you, Funko has a bigger option. Instead of their usual figurines, which stand no more than four inches tall, this Baby Yoda stands at a whopping 10 inches high. View Deal


Chewbacca: $24.99 on Amazon 

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back earlier this year, Funko created a whole line of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars movie. That, of course, includes Chewbacca. What’s even better is that this Chewbacca figurine is flocked, giving the famous wookie an awesome fuzzy texture. View Deal

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