Undervolted AMD RX 6800 with 183 W TGP offers clues about an upcoming RX 6800M laptop-grade GPU matching the desktop RTX 2080 Ti
AMD might also have an ace up its sleeve for the laptop-grade GPUs. (Image Source: AMD)

The RX 6800 GPU particularly efficient when it comes to undervolting, as its TGP can be reduced by 45 W down to 183 W. These figures are already laptop-friendly if we look at Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Super mobility GPUs, so we can expect to see an RX 6800M GPU with 150-180W TGPs that matches the performance of a desktop-grade RTX 2080 Ti soon.

The guys over at ComputerBase put together one of the most exhaustive reviews for the RX 6800/XT cards on the Net. This is among the few sites that tested the undervolting potential of the new AMD cards and the results in this case are quite surprising, especially for the RX 6800 model. These findings may also offer clues regarding AMDs upcoming laptop-grade RDNA2-based GPUs expected to launch in early 2021.

While the RX 6800 XT is exhibiting a decent undervolting potential, the decrease in power requirements was not that significant. The voltage could be lowered from 1.15 V to 1.025 without any stability issues. This even boosts the performance by a few fps across the board, but the TGP was lowered by only 10 W to around 290 W.

Now, the RX 6800 is much more efficient when it comes to undervolting. The voltages could be lowered from 1.025 to 0.9 V, and this also allowed for a small fps boost across the board, yet the TGP could be lowered by 45 W down to around 183 W. We are entering laptop-grade power efficiency territory here, and Twitter user  _rogame makes some interesting points in this regard. Bearing in mind that the mobile versions of the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Super have TGPs in the 150 – 200 W range, we could see AMD releasing an RX 6800M GPU with a 150-180 W TGP that matches the performance of the desktop RTX 2080 Ti. The RX 6800M would thus benefit from the same 60 CUs as the desktop version, but would have slightly lower core clocks set to 1.7 GHz and boost clocks set to around 2 GHz.

We know that Nvidia is already planning to release mobile versions for the RTX 3000 series, but we are not really sure if Team Green can provide decent performance gains over the 2080-series given the limitations imposed by the 8 nm fabrication process from Smasmung. AMD could have a big advantage here, but it also needs to be mindful of the pricing schemes.

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Bogdan Solca, 2020-11-19 (Update: 2020-11-20)

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