UFC Fighters go to bat for Donald Trump following claims of election fraud

Several UFC fighters, including Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal, have thrown their support behind Donald Trump following his allegations of election fraud.

Donald Trump and former United States Vice President Joe Biden have been in a tight race to determine the country’s next President.

Trump had originally opened as a big underdog to Biden, but those odds swayed heavily in the President’s favor in the late evening of November 4.

However, by the morning of November 5, the odds had shifted back in favor of Joe Biden. Despite the fact that a number of the key swing states were still in play, Donald Trump eluded to victory in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The brash Presidential candidate also claimed that the Democrats were still busy attempting to steal the election.

Trump has since lawyered up and plans to have recounts done in a number of the hotly contested states. Many of Trump’s supporters have backed his conspiracy claims and that includes several UFC Fighters.

As seen below, the likes of Colby Covington, Jorge Masvidal and many other fighters have called “foul play” on social media in hopes of earning Donald Trump a “fair” chance at re-election.

Over 130k votes magically dumped off for China Joe in Michigan with 0 for POTUS while we all slept. This type of scam would’ve worked 30 years ago… Not today!! Keep fighting Patriots!!! 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸

— Colby Covington (@ColbyCovMMA) November 4, 2020

They selling you wolf tickets #thereelection

— Jorge Masvidal UFC (@GamebredFighter) November 4, 2020

Just My opinion: Dirty deals being made in Philly, Detroit, Atlanta as we wait .. Let’s pray for a fair election here … something don’t seem right

— Eddie Alvarez (@Ealvarezfight) November 4, 2020

We need to clean up the election process so we are not left feeling the way we do today.

Put laws in place that protect us against voter fraud.

Investigate every state.

Film the counting.

Flush out the fake votes.

Require ID.

Make Voter Fraud end in 2020.

Fix the system. 🇺🇸

— Gina Carano 🕯 (@ginacarano) November 5, 2020

#CountEveryLegalVote https://t.co/KYm7Lzeam0

— Tara LaRosa (@TaraLaRosa) November 5, 2020

A civil war is coming. I don’t know what that looks like, but prepare to defend yourself physically, civilly, and digitally.

— Tara LaRosa (@TaraLaRosa) November 4, 2020

Play by the rules…..the American people demand ONLY LEGAL BALLOTS be counted. Anyone manipulating this election should be prosecuted.

— Herschel Walker (@HerschelWalker) November 4, 2020

Former UFC champion Tito Ortiz, who won a city council seat in Huntington Beach this election, also tossed his support behind Donald Trump.


Although UFC President Dana White has been a big supporter of Donald Trump, even he could not help but roast Ortiz for calling for a recount in California.

Are you surprised that so many UFC Fighters and mixed martial arts notables have come to bat for Donald Trump following his claims of election fraud? Share your thoughts in the comments section PENN Nation!

This article first appeared on BJPENN.com November 6, 2020

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