It seems with every new release of the latest and greatest mobile devices, we get closer to being able to have current or last generation console-quality in our hands. Considering where the platform came from, that’s sincerely impressive. Developers are getting smarter and more versatile with development platforms such as Unity and Unreal offering engines that are widely scalable to fit the needs of the project.

Indie developers have often been presented the best opportunities to port over their games, as most are stylized and find purchase in their retro-like graphics or mechanics that are tremendously scalable. There have been countless success stories from teams who make their big-screen games portable and while it’s an arduous process, it often revitalises the game for a new audience, thirsty for something new and innovative to play.

Games that are better to play on mobile than on PC? That’s possible?

With all of that being said, there are console and PC games on these devices that are doing well and showcasing how proper ports are accomplished. These games are paving the way for other devs to learn from their successes — and failures — and helping each other understand the market and what is needed to survive on mobile platforms. A quality game can be great, regardless of the platform.

In these cases, the mobile version can actually be better than the console version, due to pricing options and the ease of using a touchscreen instead of sticks and buttons. Portability is also a key feature, giving you the option to tuck one of your favourite games in your pocket or bag instead of lugging your console or PC around.

We believe the following ten games are better on mobile than on PC or console.



Call of Duty Mobile (2019)

Developer: Tencent

Publisher: Activision Blizzard

Genre: Shooter

So this isn’t a direct port of a console or PC title, but this multiplayer-only shooter gets everything right to make the experience fun and invigorating every single match. Streamlining the base gameplay into a mobile format cuts the fat and gives you everything you want out of a mobile FPS with very minimal sacrifices.

The graphics are superb, the game modes are as diverse as its big brethren, and it’s free-to-play, which makes it instantly accessible to anyone with a compatible device. The game even had an esports championship tournament in 2020, if that gives you any indication as to how well the game plays. Check it out, you won’t regret it.


PUBG Mobile

Publisher: Tencent Games

Genre: Action, Multiplayer, Shooter

Want to play the insanely popular Battle Royale shooter but don’t have the money? PUBG Mobile offers all the exciting gameplay of its bigger cousin without sacrificing the excitement of the fight. All the weapons you know and love are here, and with more events and more game modes than the original, auto-pickup of items, and a minimap that indicates when players shoot, you’ll find plenty to love in this version.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Developer: BioWare

Publisher: Aspyr

Genre: Action, RPG

While the original game was Xbox-exclusive, this version of the insanely complex Star Wars RPG can easily be accepted as the best edition yet. KOTOR is set before all the Skywalker saga but contains Jedis, so you can level your character up and get right to bending the Force to your every whim. With improved graphics over the original and a perfectly acceptable mobile control scheme, KOTOR has never looked or played better.


Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

Publisher: Square Enix

Genre: RPG

One of Level-5 and Square Enix’s greatest Quests, this game first released way back on the Playstation 2 in 2004. It then received a 3DS remake, which worked out wonderfully on the portable device, showcasing its cel-shading expertly, even with the system’s limitations. Finally, it released on mobile devices, converting the display orientation from landscape to portrait in order to ease controls, and now it can even be played with one hand! That, along with a quick save feature, and you can easily see why this is the best version of the game, bringing a classic to the modern age with style and poise.


Among Us

Developer: InnerSloth

Publisher: InnerSloth

Genre: Multiplayer, Strategy

While the asking price on consoles and PC isn’t terribly expensive, the free-to-play version of Among Us on mobile has brought with it a younger generation that now has access to its charms. Anyone wanting to try out the game before jumping in can use the mobile version as a trial, or even play it when you’re away from home. Among Us is one of the more popular games out there, and this mobile port has certainly helped cement its place.


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Genre: Card battler, RPG, Strategy

Card games work wonderfully on touchscreens, giving you quick access to play your hand with ease. Hearthstone’s wonderful mobile conversion offers that and so much more with its offering of being able to play a match wherever you are. Free-to-play, and hopelessly addictive, Hearthstone is a great choice to pick for your device.


Chrono Trigger

Developer: Square Enix

Publisher: Square Enix

Genre: RPG

This one dips a bit into the nostalgic catalogue, but Chrono Trigger is at its best on mobile. The touch controls are great, the changes to the graphics are a triumphant inclusion, and there are even two additional dungeons in this version. Your progress is also automatically saved on the map, or you can save manually at a save point or when you quit from the menu. As a multiple-hour time-travelling adventure, you can’t go wrong with this, the best version of the classic SNES smash hit.


Monster Hunter Stories

Publisher: Capcom

Genre: RPG

Monster Hunter is a series that has been a smashing success through its multiple releases over the years, and while Monster Hunter Stories deviated from the typical prepare-and-then-slay-monsters loop, it was a great title when it originally released on the 3DS.

When the title made its way to mobile devices, it brought with it improved graphics that look significantly better than the original title, and its turn-based combat works perfectly with touch controls. While it’s not the hardcore main series Monster Hunter gameplay that is beloved by fans, it’s easily the best version of this side-series game.


Street Fighter 4: Champion Edition

Are you a button-masher that can’t seem to punch your way out of a wet paper bag? Then the mobile version of Street Fighter IV is for you. Featuring intuitive controls and shortcuts for your super moves, this version may just be a match made in heaven. All the characters are here, and if you don’t feel like using touch controls, you can absolutely pull out a Bluetooth controller and battle to your heart’s content. Having the entirety of this brutal battler on the go with you might make a quick fight just enough to ease your tension after a day at the grind.


Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Developer: Square Enix

Publisher: Square Enix

Genre: RPG, Strategy

This port of the PSP version of the game is easily the best. Pairing the intricate turn-based battles with touch controls gives easy access to all the menus and allows you to control your team with even greater accuracy. The story is epic, the graphical style is undisputedly unique and the combat is pure tactical perfection. Battles also allow for quick bursts of gameplay on the go, making it a great addition to your device!

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