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The Nemeio will not ship until September 2021, according to the company behind the keyboard. (Image source: LDLC)

The Nemeio keyboard is highly customisable, thanks to its ePaper display. The 81-key keyboard supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, while it can also operate in multiple languages and configurations. The Nemeio will not ship until September 2021, but it has received over 200% over its funding goal.

The Nemeio has finally reached Kickstarter, almost two years on from its debut at CES 2019. The unique selling point of the Nemeio is its use of an ePaper display, which sit behind every keycap. The decision to go with ePaper keys allows the Nemeio to switch between configurations and languages.

The keyboard has 81 keys, up to 20 hours of battery life and a USB Type-C port for charging. LDLC has created a configurator tool for altering the layout of the keys, although LDLC has locked the functionality of some keys like Caps lock and Fn. The device supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, though. According to LDLC, the keyboard measures 155 x 310 x 22 mm and weighs 795 g. The company has used ABS plastic for the shell and polycarbonate for the keys.

The Nemeio is available to back on Kickstarter from €202 (~US$240), with the €168 (~US$200) Super Early Bird pledges having already sold out. The Nemeio has already breezed past its campaign goal, but LDLC does not aim to ship the Nemeio until September 2021 at the earliest.

Alex Alderson, 2020-11-10 (Update: 2020-11-10)

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