The Division 2, Two Years Later

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The Division 2 was released on March 12, 2019, making it just over two years old this week. In that time a lot has happened. Multiple updates, changes, bugs, controversies, teasers, puzzles, and more. Here’s what happened since The Division 2 came out.

Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

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Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

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  • January 2021 started with some big news. The developers behind The Division 1 and 2 were going to be working on a Star Wars game. At the time, players weren’t sure what this meant The Division 2 going forward.
  • On February 2, a new Resident Evil crossover event went live. It included outfits and gear based on characters from the popular Capcom horror franchise. The event was… meh. But the update that added the new clothes also unlocked the framerate on PS5 and Xbox Series X, letting the game hit 60 fps.
  • In February 2021, as the fourth season of The Division 2 was wrapping up, it felt like the game was ending. But Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot announced otherwise during a call with investors that month, explaining the game had more updates coming. This seemed to surprise Massive, who put out a statement confirming that they had initially planned to wind things down after Season four but would now continue to work on the game, adding more content. No specifics plans were given at that time.
  • Finally, earlier this month Massive laid out some plans for how The Division 2 will continue. While the game will receive a new mode and some big content updates, Massive warned that players shouldn’t expect this content until late 2021 at the earliest. In the meantime, old seasons will be rerun for players who missed them. It’s not the most exciting way to keep the game alive, but it’s better than nothing.

And there’s where things are at. It’s now been just over two years since The Division 2 released. A lot has happened, with some big ups and some big downs.

Now though the popular game seems to be on life support while Massive and Ubisoft shift focus to other things. But with promises of more content at a later date, it seems likely I’ll be booting up The Division 2 a few more times before it’s all over.

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