Surprisingly, Apple’s site has the best (only) Apple TV deal for Cyber Week

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In a convoluted sort of way, a $50 gift card is like getting a 32GB Apple TV for $129 or a 64GB Apple TV for $149 — plus free Apple TV+.

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Get a free $50 gift card: Buying an Apple TV 32GB ($179) or 64GB ($199) from Apple’s official site gets you a $50 Apple gift card — an indirect savings of around 25%.

When it comes to Apple TV, Apple is weirdly being less stingy than Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart.

Every human might experience a sale on the Apple website once in their life. Once. While Apple products, for the most part, remain at full price there, those big box stores are typically the go-to places to find Apple deals. This applies to most Black Friday and Cyber Weekend Apple deals, except for one.

So far, the only place to find any sort of deal on Apple TV is on Apple’s own website. The deal comes in the form of a free $50 gift card with any Apple TV purchase. 

The gift card can’t be applied to the Apple TV purchase, of course, but anyone whose home and personal devices are already part of the Apple ecosystem are bound to buy something from Apple again. In a convoluted sort of way, that $50 is like getting a 32GB Apple TV for $129 or a 64GB Apple TV for $149 — the same price as the older generation 32GB model on Amazon. A year of Apple TV+ (regularly $4.99/month) is also included.

Apple’s streaming box is pricier than the rest because it covers everything. When it comes to compatible apps, it checks every damn box (compared to Roku, which doesn’t work with HBO Max, and Fire TV, which doesn’t work with Peacock). Its user interface and Siri integration are smooth and slick, just like an iPhone. Streaming content is upscaled to stunning 4K as much as possible, and the HDR options are flexible. But the best app to get on your Apple TV might surprise you: Apple Arcade.

Apple is feeling generous elsewhere on the site, too. $150 gift cards are being sent with the purchase of select iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods, Apple TV, HomePod, and Beats.

But the Apple TV gift card deal is just a little sweeter. Its exclusivity is major — as far as we’ve seen, no other site is offering any type of discount or bonus with Apple TV this Cyber Weekend. And, considering that the streaming box only goes for $179 or $199, $50 is a pretty hefty proportion of that price (compared to $150 as consolation for an $899 iPad or $1,299 MacBook Pro.)

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