Speak Out reader opinion: Sports isn’t the same without fans in the stands

Speak Out reader opinion: Sports isn’t the same without fans in the stands

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Oct 10, 2020 10:00 AM

The NFL logo is seen on the goal post at Soldier Field before an NFL football game Thursday night between the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (AP photo) (Kamil Krzaczynski/AP)

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With the coronavirus, professional sports don’t seem to be for real. Shortened seasons, no fan attendance, players and coaches going down with the virus. It all boils down to greed, for players and owners.

If irresponsible spending is having to bid and overpay for supplies for our first providers and medical staff, for ventilators that should have been provided by the federal government, then the state shouldn’t receive any money from the stimulus package. Illinois is not the only state and Chicago not the only city in dire straits because of this pandemic and the failure of the Trump administration to do its job. I hope Pelosi keeps pushing for this bailout.

In response to Bill from Lockport wondering about front license plates in Illinois. It is apparent to me that many drivers also think it’s optional to stop at a stop sign, use a turn signal, yield the right of way, pass on the shoulder, text and talk on a handheld device or for that matter obey any of the rules of the road. It appears that for many, respect and common sense are optional, too.

In watching the recent debates, I hope all Americans pray to make a good choice in voting. We need direction for our young, guidance in tax decisions, positive decisions for seniors with regard to Medicare and Social Security, and support for those in need. Schooling, small businesses and those who are losing their homes due to job loss. Our country is in a disastrous condition. Please all of us make good decisions in voting.

To me, there are a few reasons for Trump’s childish and unacceptable behavior at the debate against Joe Biden. It’s clear that Trump has some mental issues that seem to get worse with each passing day. By him ranting and raving on the debate stage, he doesn’t have to tell the USA what his platform is, and it also allows him not to talk about his lack of accomplishments in the last four years.

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