So not only does the PS5 take up LESS space than Series X, it…

So not only does the PS5 take up LESS space than Series X, it…

The Sony PS5 storage is starting to look relatively cramped compared to the Xbox Series X. (Image: Sony)

The Sony PS5 versus Xbox Series X debate continues with attention turning to the available storage of the two systems. Although the PS5 ships with an 825 GB SSD, an unconfirmed report over the weekend suggests that it might only allow for 664 GB of usable storage. This compares unfavorably with the Xbox Series X.

Even though initial pre-orders for both consoles are sold out around the world, the debate about which console is the better buy continues. We already knew that the Sony PlayStation 5 comes with an 825 GB SSD but a new report suggests that usable storage for gamers will be just 664 GB. This compares poorly with the Xbox Series X which offers a 1 TB SSD with 802 GB of usable storage.

Sony is already on the back foot as far as the outright performance of the PS5 goes (10 TF versus 12 TF), so the latest news isn’t great. Given that some next-gen titles can be up to 200 GB in size (some possibly bigger), and that doesn’t leave a lot of room for more than two or three major titles at a time. Of course, the PS5 (and the Xbox Series X) offer expandable storage modules, but these are expensive. This leaves the Series X with the ability to store at least one more AAA title locally than the PS5.

However, Microsoft is also developing a solution to help manage local storage by allowing users to uninstall parts of games, while still leaving them usable. For example, say a gamer completes the campaign mode of a game and now only wants to play the multiplayer component, they will be able to uninstall the campaign mode — developers would have to opt in to the feature, however. That said, it still offers an elegant solution for freeing up hard drive space leaving the ball in Sony’s court to provide more details about its similar proposed solution.

Update: Article updated to reflect that Sony has also proposed a similar storage workaround.

Both consoles support external storage, but the Xbox Series X has an internal storage advantage. (Image: Microsoft)

Sanjiv Sathiah, 2020-10- 4 (Update: 2020-10- 4)

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