Save 50% on AndaSeat gaming chairs right now

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Cheap gaming chair deals alert! If you’ve been after some deep savings on high-quality gaming chairs, then these price cuts could well be for you. Right now you can save up to 50% on AndaSeat gaming chairs at Amazon. These are almost unprecedented levels of price cuts on such high-grade items that appear on best gaming chair guides so it’s definitely worth a look.

The biggest savings are to be had on AndaSeat’s Marvel Avengers gaming chairs, and this 50% discount applies to four distinct chairs covering four heroes: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and Ant Man. For clarity, these are all the traditional kinds of gaming chairs, built for desk setups rather than the best gaming chairs for PS4, PS5, and Xbox consoles (which are lower to the ground and usually have a pedestal or rocker design).

Beneath these distinct designs lies AndaSeat’s traditional quality. Each of the chairs will have the great ergonomic design of AndaSeat’s bum-carriers, feature the usual AD memory pillows, and an adjustable backrest which mean you’ll get great comfort and adjustability from them. For more information on AndaSeat’s quality gaming chairs, you can read more in our AndaSeat Fnatic Edition review and our AndaSeat Dark Demon review.

The savings are undeniable so it’s worth considering one of the below. If you’re a big fan of the Marvel universe or you know someone that is – or are looking for a kid’s first gaming chair – then these could well prove awesome items for your consideration this weekend.

Cheap gaming chair deals

Spider-Man AndaSeat gaming chair | $550 $225 at Amazon

The web-slinging, wall-crawling hero is paid tribute to here in a spider suit-themed design. There’s a central logo, but the rest of the chair is pretty nicely done. A bargain at its reduced price, too.

The code for this deal is ‘TWZE3LK2’, should you need to manually add it.View Deal

Iron Man AndaSeat gaming chair | $470 $235 at Amazon

Channel your inner Tony Stark with this bold red and gold chair featuring a massive Iron Man head at its, well, head. The colour scheme is pretty cool and really evokes the multi-faceted suit.

The code for this deal is ‘TWZE3LK2’, should you need to manually add it.View Deal

Captain America AndaSeat gaming chair | $530 $265 at Amazon

Unmistakeably Steve Rogers’ suit in chair form, this AndaSeat variant is perfect for those fans of Cap. And at half price it’s a hell of a deal to ensure you can put your bum adjacent to ‘America’s Ass’ itself.

The code for this deal is ‘TWZE3LK2’, should you need to manually add it.View Deal

Ant Man AndaSeat gaming chair | $400 $200 at Amazon

Possibly what we would call the most ‘subtle’ of the colourful superhero designs, this red and black Ant Man chair is pretty cool and doesn’t have any way over-the-top design flourishes. At $200 this is a sure-fire way to get a great chair for a bargain.

The code for this deal is ‘TWZE3LK2’, should you need to manually add it.View Deal

There are some extra deals too on other AndaSeat chairs right now, with prices slashed by up to 15%. That’s not all though, as some of the below links look to benefit from some extra Amazon vouchers that can be applied too… it’s definitely worth a look.

And there’s a couple of UK deals too:

If you’re on the lookout for more gaming furniture, our best gaming desks guide is worth a look. Meanwhile, the best gaming PC and best gaming laptop pages will ensure you have something meaty and beefy to sit at in your new chair.

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