Random: Smooth McGroove Returns After Long Hiatus With An Acapella New Super Mario Bros. Cover

When the world needed him most

Smooth McGroove, the long-haired chap who makes intricate acapella video game music covers on YouTube, recently returned to the platform after an almost two-year break for health reasons.

After posting an explanation for his long silence a couple of weeks ago (spoilers: kidney problems and adrenal imbalances that needed fixing), he’s back to it already with his first new cover since July 2019: the Overworld Theme from New Super Mario Bros.

Take a break for three minutes and appreciate the soothing melodies and glossy locks of Smooth’s nine-person arrangement (plus cat cameo).

As Smooth McGroove would say, “ba ba ba, babababa. Ba! Ba!”

[source youtu.be]

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