Quest 4 Fuel, the Mad-Max inspired idle RPG, is out now for mobile

Following a lengthy Early Access period, Quest 4 Fuel has now been released worldwide for iOS and Android.

The Mad Max inspired, post-apocalyptic, idle-RPG, sees players put together a band of bad-ass Riders and lead them in search of precious gasoline, wiping the scorched desert floor of any rival gangs they come up against in fierce 5v5 battles.

It’s been a long journey towards release for the game, which picked up third prize at our Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Big Indie Pitch contest way back in 2018. In the 8 months following its pre-release last July, Quest 4 Fuel has introduced a host of upgrades in content, such as the inclusion of 10 new playable characters (now up to 35 in total) and an increased number of game modes: Story Mode, Roads, Challenges, Arena PvP and Special Events.

One of those said Special Events can be enjoyed right now as part of the game’s launch update, which introduces the new Epic Rider Arkadius, the scourge of Tanks. All players who log in for 14 days in the launch month will get 100 Arkadius Guaranteed Shards.

Quest 4 Fuel is free to play with in app purchases and can be downloaded right now from the App Store and Google Play. To fully immerse yourself in the Quest 4 Fuel experience, you can also become a member of the game’s community via Discord.

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