PS5 restock update: PS5 bundles are back at Game, but you’ll need to act fast

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Update: Currys also appeared to have PS5 stock, but after getting through a short queue, no stock was available. We’ll be keeping an eye on the retailer to see if it offers anything else throughout the course of the day. 

Game has launched a new round of PS5 restocks, with a range of bundles on both the PS5 Digital Edition and standard consoles available. The PS5 is also available to purchase on its own for £449.99 and the PS5 Digital Edition is £359.99.

Currys also got in on the action, but appeared to sell out almost instantly. 

Predictably, Game’s website has a queuing system in place, with wait times varying depending on when you managed to join. As we’ve discovered, there’s no guarantee that stock will be available once your wait time is up. 

We’ve seen reports that those who were close to getting to checkout were then pushed back in the queue, with wait times of “over an hour”. We’d advise sticking with it, though, as it seems like Game is reshuffling the pack in a bid to manage demand. We’ve heard some people have been successful, even after waiting in excess of an hour.

Game has been a reliable source for PS5 stock updates in the UK, but it’s allocation tends to sell out extremely fast. It’s important to note that these orders are pre-orders, too, with the console expected to ship on March 16. If you choose priority delivery you can expect the console to be shipped on March 10.

PS5 deals:

PS5 bundles in stock at Game

Game has various PS5 bundles available, but they won’t last long. The console can be bought on its own, but we expect these to sell out almost instantly as they’re the cheapest option. You’ll have more luck trying to pick up a bundle, then. Any orders will be shipped on March 16 unless you choose priority insured delivery, which will ship the console by March 10.

View Deal

PS5: at Currys

OUT OF STOCK Currys has also got PS5 stock available, but a queue is already in place. There are already thousands of users ahead of us in the queue, but it’s worth a shot, right? View Deal

The PS5 continues to be one of the hottest products of 2021, and retailers are struggling to provide enough stock to eager consumers who are desperate to own Sony’s next-gen console. 

If you miss out on Game’s PS5 restock or simply want to know where to buy PS5 quickly, you’ll find all the links to buy PS5 at various retailers below, including the PS5 Digital Edition. Keep checking these links as you never know when more consoles will hit the shelves. 

It’s likely that more PS5 consoles will appear throughout 2021, so we’d recommend not paying over the odds to scalpers as Sony is committed to delivering 10 million PS5s this year. That means sooner or later, supply will comfortably meet demand. 

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