PS5 restock date: today’s updates from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more

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Recent months have seen PS5 restocks generally come in towards the end of the working week, and we can take a look at the most likely candidates to drop today. After a slower week last week, we’re optimistic that someone will drop some units today and tomorrow.

Target would have usually posted by now on a Thursday, but there’s still a good chance Walmart will be going live very soon as we’ve been hearing something could happen from around 3pm ET, so it’s well worth checking in over the next few hours if past form is anything to go by.

Amazon is way, way overdue. Last month the internet almost broke when rumors of a 46,000-strong PS5 restock was about to drop there. Sadly we’ve not seen a single PS5 from Amazon in months. That’s pretty shocking when you consider most other big stores in the US have had stock in recent weeks, some on a weekly basis. Be sure to keep your eye on Amazon via the links below, because when the PS5 restock lands, it’s going to be a big one.

PS5 restock at Walmart from 3pm ET today?

So yes, Walmart! The store often goes live mid to late afternoon and handily often updates the PS5 listing pages just before with a confirmed time the PS5 restock is coming online. Then there’s usually a second (and sometimes third) wave after that, so look out for another time being added once that first batch has gone. This could be anything from 10 to 60 minutes later.

We’ve heard a lot of buzz that a PS5 restock is coming today around 3pm ET. The best evidence to back this up so far seems to be multiple screengrabs of conversations with Walmart customer service confirming more PS5s will be on sale April 8 around this time. However, there is a possibility this stock will be used to fulfill a few leftover deliveries from orders taken in recent weeks so we might not even see them come online. We know, it’s a mess.

It’s been quiet so far. But Walmart did, ever so briefly, get an Xbox Series X restock earlier today. Unusually for Walmart though, the product listing page wasn’t updated in advance with a time stock was going live. It would be a massive shame if Walmart is dropping this super helpful warning going forward, but let’s assume today’s expected PS5 restock will follow the same pattern and just drop suddenly. Keep your peepers on those listing pages linked above, folks.

Walmart Plus 15-day free trial

When shopping for a PS5 at Walmart it’s a great time to give the new Walmart Plus service a try as there’s a 15-day free trial running right now. Walmart Plus gets you free grocery deliveries (as quick as the same day), free super fast shipping on items, discounted fuel, and ‘mobile scan and go’ for checkout-free shopping in-store.

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PS5 restock at Amazon

PS5 | $499 | Check at Amazon

This is the complete PS5 console with a disc drive and the most popular version of Sony’s new console so players can use game discs and enjoy blu-rays too. It always has a white box and you can see the disc slot on the side.

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PS5 Digital Edition | $399 | Check at Amazon

This version looks incredibly similar to the full-priced PS5, but does not contain a disc drive. Some stores don’t display an image with the black box, so just double-check you’re getting the one you want. It’s $100 less, but you can only play digital titles and won’t be able to watch blu-rays or DVDs. Digital games are often more expensive than discs, so just bear that in mind before committing to this one.

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Thursdays have traditionally been popular PS5 restock dates for Target lately, so we’d certainly give them a try today too. Target’s stock can vary by region and traditionally drops in the morning (eastern time) so it’s very much an outside bet this late in the day.

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PS5 restock retailers to keep checking

Not all PS5 restock stores have reliable or predictable patterns, so it’s certainly worth trying your luck whenever you have time on their listing pages. If you’re looking in the UK, check our global PS5 stock guide.

PS5 – $499

PS5 Digital Edition: $399

Tips to buy a PS5 at Amazon, Walmart, Target

Get signed in: Seriously, do this now. Unlike most items you’d shop for online, getting a PS5 in your basket does not mean you’ve secured one unless you checkout in a reasonable time. It’s brutally unfair, but 100% a thing. Get yourself signed in and make sure your billing and delivery details are already filled in. The fewer screens, loading times, and data entry you can have, the better your chance of the transaction going through.

Refresh often: The product listing pages on Target, Amazon, and Walmart won’t suddenly get a buy/add to basket button while you look at it. So keep refreshing the screen and get ready to hit the button once it pops. However, at Best Buy, when a PS5 restock is actually underway, once the ‘Add to Basket’ button pops, hit it and it might say something along the lines of ‘please wait’. If this happens, don’t refresh the screen, just wait for the button to go yellow again and get your PS5.

Know your prices: The standard PS5 is $499 and the PS5 Digital Edition is $399. We often see Amazon’s product pages try and push the next best offer when it’s officially sold out of its own stock. You want to avoid these listings like the plague as they’re always way, way over the MSRP.

Don’t get distracted by games or bolt-ons: You might see suggested items during checkout or on the listing page to add to your purchase, but they won’t actually be at a discount. Bearing in mind the first point we made above, just stay focussed and get the purchase confirmed. You can shop around for games and accessories at your leisure afterward. And make sure you consider the best items via our guides to the best PS5 games and best PS5 accessories (with PS5 headsets being one of our top recommendations of extras to support your new PS5).

Bundle stock might last longer:  While there certainly haven’t been any bespoke PS5 bundles with discounts yet, we have seen some appear online, especially at Best Buy – sometimes you can see them by scrolling down a little on the main PS5 listing page. Some of these include loads of games and accessories, so they cost a lot of money, in turn taking a bit longer to sell out. Forget discounts, but if you genuinely want everything in the bundle and don’t mind paying full price, you might have a better chance of grabbing the bundle before it sells out. Watch out for the Newegg ones though, the prices have been much higher than MSRP of the total item value recently.

Try on multiple devices: Nothing too crazy here, but loading up the store links mentioned earlier on your laptop and mobile at the same time can’t hurt. We’ve not really seen any advantage on Amazon and Walmart with having multiple different browsers open on one device. Pick the one you know works well on your device and have a tab open for both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition if you’re looking to buy any of them or just the one you really want.

Cut down your other tabs: Not always doable if you’re working at the same time, but seeing as some sites really chug at a browser’s resources, it might be an idea to close as many as you can just-in-case it gives you a little boost on loading times between various checkout screens. 

Try the wishlist hack: We’ve seen a few reports that adding the console to your Amazon wishlist (or ‘add to list’ on Walmart) has made it easier to add to basket when PS5 stock actually appears as the button pops up directly on your list. The regular listing pages often get super slammed and crash. So yes, it’s another tab to keep refreshing and we wouldn’t bank on just this method – keep an eye on the listing page too.

Here are those retailer links once again. Good luck!

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