One Year Later, We’re Still Using A Reusable Period Cup

No one asked for this article, but I thought I’d follow up on my article in late 2019 about trying a period cup for the first time.

Almost a year and a half later, I still use Luuna Natural’s cup but find it the most useful for the first few days of my period since those are usually the heaviest. It’s convenient because you don’t have to worry about it most of the day, just stick it in the morning and you should be good for a solid eight hours (depending on your flow, that is).  

For day three and onward, I honestly find tampons easier to use – I think since your flow decreases, it’s a bit harder to insert the cup.

Also when you are using the cup, it’s best to also use it with a liner since a bit of leaking does occur.

Always make sure to follow the instructions and boil the cup in hot water for 10 minutes. I boil a kettle of water, submerge the cup, then carefully drain it when the time is up.

As for wear and tear, the cup still looks brand new. I personally think they were pretty smart to choose the hot pink color since it’s bold and, you know, close to the color of blood. 

The brand also offers organic tampons, pads and liners and we had a chance to try out a plastic-free period set (RMB108). 

In China, tampon options are quite limited, especially if you’re not near an expat grocery store. I usually buy the brand o.b. since they’re available at 7-Eleven and are small and discreet in packaging. 

o.b. regular vs. Luuna’s super absorbency. Image via That’s

Luuna’s beautifully packaged plastic-free period set comes with 20 cardboard applicator tampons (10 regular absorbency and 10 super absorbency). I wore the tampon all day and didn’t experience any leaks, which is nice because I find leaking occurs with o.b.’s non-applicator tampons. Without an applicator, I find it harder to push the tampon up with only your finger.

Although the packaging is lovely, the cylindrical box itself is pretty big – you could always reuse it to store other knickknacks, I suppose. If you’d like something a little less bulky, Luuna also offers non-applicator tampons which come in small boxes.

All in all, I like that Luuna uses organic cotton for their tampons and that there is this option available in China. However, for the sake of convenience, I’ll probably stick to using the cup and just buying cheaper tampons.

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Head to ‘LUUNAnaturals 裸月’ Mini Program to purchase or scan the QR code below:

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