NFL power rankings, Week 12: Colts rise, Eagles fall

The Week 12 NFL power rankings are here, and while the Philadelphia Eagles are falling, the Indianapolis Colts are making their move.


New York Jets 0-10

Last rank: 32nd

The road to 0-16 is becoming easier to envision by the day.


Jacksonville Jaguars 1-9

Last rank: 31st

Jake Luton isn’t the answer, and the Jaguars might not win another game this year.


Cincinnati Bengals 2-7-1

Last rank: 26th

Just a brutal day. All the best to Joe Burrow.


Philadelphia Eagles 3-6-1

Last rank: 21st

Carson Wentz is atrocious, and because of his contract, he’s not going anywhere.


Washington Football Team 3-7

Last rank: 30th

Beating the Bengals might be the start of a decent run considering Washington’s schedule.


Dallas Cowboys 3-7

Last rank: 29th

Dallas rallied late in Minnesota, and its dreams of a division title remain alive.


Houston Texans 3-7

Last rank: 28th

Deshaun Watson is great, and for one Sunday, it was enough.


Los Angeles Chargers 3-7

Last rank: 27th

Congrats, you barely beat the Jets.


Atlanta Falcons 3-7

Last rank: 20th

Atlanta made Taysom Hill look solid, and New Orleans’ defense like the Steel Curtain.


Detroit Lions 4-6

Last rank: 18th

What a train wreck. Fire Matt Patricia and move on.


San Francisco 49ers 4-6

Last rank: 25th

Not bad to move up three spots on the bye week.


Denver Broncos 4-6

Last rank: 24th

Excellent win after a bad start for the Broncos. The defense was lights out.


New York Giants 3-7

Last rank: 22nd

Favorites in the NFC East? Perhaps.


Carolina Panthers 4-7

Last rank: 23rd

Carolina snapped its five-game losing streak, and did so with a shutout. Also, P.J. Walker? Not terrible.


New England Patriots 4-6

Last rank: 17th

And with that loss, goodnight.


Minnesota Vikings 4-6

Last rank: 16th

That was a full-blown disaster, and frankly, the end of any hope for Minnesota.


Chicago Bears 5-5

Last rank: 19th

Who else can’t wait to see the Bears in primetime again? Ugh.


Miami Dolphins 6-4

Last rank: 13th

Tua Tagovailoa gets benched and the Dolphins lose to the Broncos. Rough day.


Cleveland Browns 7-3

Last rank: 15th

The Browns don’t really impress, but they keep winning. All that counts.


Arizona Cardinals 6-4

Last rank: 9th

The Cardinals have been outplayed in three straight games, only saved by a Hail Mary.


Baltimore Ravens 6-4

Last rank: 7th

Baltimore has been awful offensively, and on Sunday, the defense fell apart late. The Ravens are facing a crisis point.


Las Vegas Raiders 6-4

Last rank: 8th

The Raiders are legitimate. Yes, they move down a few spots, but they earned a ton of respect on Sunday night.


Tennessee Titans 7-3

Last rank: 14th

Huge win to get right. The Titans needed a signature victory, and they got one in Baltimore.


Seattle Seahawks 7-3

Last rank: 13th

Over the last six quarters, the Seahawks are suddenly playing better defensively. Real, or mirage?


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-4

Last rank: 5th

Thought about moving the Seahawks ahead of the Buccaneers, and maybe should have. With the Chiefs coming to town, it’s gut-check time.


Green Bay Packers 7-3

Last rank: 4th

The Packers have played sloppy football of late. Aaron Rodgers is great, but they need to clean it up before January.


Indianapolis Colts 7-3

Last rank: 12th

I’ve wanted to see the Colts beat good teams. They’ve done it two straight weeks. Bravo.


Los Angeles Rams 7-3

Last rank: 10th

Consecutive wins against the Seahawks and Bucs? Yeah, the Rams belong in the top five.


Buffalo Bills 7-3

Last rank: 6th

The Bills come out of the bye and need to show their best stuff going forward.


New Orleans Saints 8-2

Last rank: 3rd

No Drew Brees, no problem. The defense was excellent, Taysom Hill was fine and it was more than enough.


Pittsburgh Steelers 10-0

Last rank: 2nd

The Steelers beat another patsy, continuing their very impressive start. Now, the Ravens on Thanksgiving night.


Kansas City Chiefs 9-1

Last rank: 1st

The best team in football. Patrick Mahomes is a magician.

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