New Deep Nostalgia Animations Bring Old Photos to Life


10 more animations are now available on the viral platform, but there’s a catch.

MyHeritage made waves in the technology world when it used deepfake technology to “revive” old black and white portrait photographs. Now, the company has added more animations for you to use to breathe new life into your old photos.

MyHeritage’s New Library of Animations

The company announced all of the new features on the MyHeritage Blog. The company uses a special technology called Deep Nostalgia, which works similarly to deepfakes on the internet.

However, while deepfakes can be used for malicious purposes, Deep Nostalgia has a far more noble cause behind it. Using technology’s power, Deep Nostalgia maps animations to old photographs to bring life to a still image.

As a result, people around the world now use Deep Nostalgia to see a different side to their ancestral images. No longer are people stuck with a still photograph locked in time; using Deep Nostalgia, someone can see their ancestors move and smile like they would when they lived.

Until now, Deep Nostalgia supported 10 animations. Now, MyHeritage is adding 10 more so you can better see how your ancestors may have looked back in the day.

As MyHeritage writes on its blog, the new animations are:

  • Smile
  • Dance 1
  • Dance 2
  • Kiss
  • Thankful
  • Kiss and wink
  • Eyebrows
  • Approval
  • Sideways
  • Compassion

These actions are deemed “special animations” and separate from the 10 that you could previously use. If you’d like to use the special animations, you’ll need a MyHeritage Complete plan subscription to unlock them.

If you do have a MyHeritage Complete plan, you can use the special animations rightaway by either accessing the Photos section on the family site or by using the MyHeritage app. Unfortunately, you can’t use them on the Deep Nostalgia splash page because it’s more a platform for creating and sharing photos online.

Bringing Your Past to Life With MyHeritage’s Deep Nostalgia

If you have an album of black and white photos collecting dust in the attic, why not wipe them down and give them a new life through technology? MyHeritage now comes with 10 more special animations, which you can use as part of the MyHeritage Complete plan.

Finding your ancestors used to be a challenge, but the internet has made it easier than ever to share data worldwide. Now, there are plenty of websites that help you find your ancestry and draw up a family tree of your heritage.

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