Neapolitan Pizza on Wheels: Atlanta Pizza Truck Has Arrived to the City

A three-wheeled 1982 Vespa-car converted into a Pizza truck is ready to take the streets of Atlanta

Atlanta, GA  (RestaurantNews.comThe Atlanta Pizza Truck brings their crafted pizza to Atlanta, Georgia. Starting in March 2020, when indoor dining had been shut down in the city, it offers a safe way to get fresh cooked Neapolitan pizza right to their customers door.

It started as a family business. Alessio Lacco and Sofia Arango, a young couple from Atlanta, decided to start this business as a way to create a little Taste of Italy everywhere they go. Alessio, master pizzaiolo, hails from Naples, Italy, where he trained to create soft, tender crust cooked in a blistering hot 900° wood burning oven. Sofia, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, takes care of the marketing and social presence of the business. The couple travels to bring Pizza Napoletana to private events, neighborhood pop-ups, festivals and more.

They specialize in Neapolitan pizza. This style is recognizable by the blackened char spots on the crust from the blistering hot, wood burning oven at 900° F. However, the best part of this delicious Italian dish is how fast it cooks: just one minute! The team can make up to 80 pizzas per hour.

To know further about their catering packages and pop up dates, check their website and follow them on social media @AtlantaPizzaTruck

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