Marvel just solved a mystery from ‘Avengers: Endgame’ – and you probably missed it
  • Disney made many Marvel announcements during its Investor Day event this week, confirming launch dates, cast members, new TV series, and new movies in development.
  • We also saw the first full trailer for Loki, the highly-anticipated TV series that will premiere in May.
  • The trailer opens with what’s possibly the best Easter egg for Loki, and we finally get to see what happened after a key scene in Avengers: Endgame.

Disney blew our minds a few days ago when it hosted its annual Investor Day event. The company unveiled its original content plans for the coming years, most of which targets its popular Disney+ service. Disney unveiled plenty of Star Wars shows, various new movies, as well as new National Geographic, ESPN, and Pixar content. But the best part came at the end of the event when Disney focused on Marvel’s plans for the coming years. In just a few minutes, Disney released several trailers, confirmed many of the superheroes and villains that we expect to see in Marvel’s Phase 4 movies and TV shows, and announced a few TV series and films that have been the object of plenty of speculation so far.

In the process, Disney snuck in an amazing Avengers: Endgame tidbit that has a dual purpose. It works as an Easter egg for the TV series it was associated with, connecting the show to the best superhero film Marvel made to date. But it also solves one of the biggest mysteries left after Endgame.

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When Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Ant-Man travel to 2012 New York to get their hands on two Infinity Stones in Endgame, they complete two-thirds of the mission in that timeline. Bruce Banner manages to convince The Ancient One to give him the Time Stone. Steve Rogers brilliantly thwarts Hydra and then fights himself to get the Mind Stone. But Tony Stark and Scott Lang lose the Space Stone that was neatly packed into the Tesseract when 2012 Loki steals it.

As soon as Loki gets his hand on it, he uses the Space Stone to get out of sight, changing the likely course of events for this timeline. This isn’t the Loki that we’ve grown to love in the main timeline of the MCU. That version of Thor’s mischievous brother died early in Infinity War when he tried to kill Thanos. But Marvel confirmed in July 2019 that Loki will continue to live on in the MCU when it announced the MCU Phase 4 slate. It also announced that we’ll get to see him again in a Loki TV series on Disney+. The first teaser for Loki dropped in early 2020, but Marvel did not reveal much at the time.

Fast forward to Disney’s 2020 Investor Day this past Thursday, and Disney showed fans a proper trailer for Loki, confirming the TV show will launch in May. The trailer contains several exciting Easter eggs, as seen in the clip at the end of this post.

But the most important one is in the opening. The video begins with the same Endgame scene where Loki escapes with the Tesseract. We get to see what happens when he uses the Space Stone, and it’s just what we expect. He’s transported to a different place, probably on a different planet. Loki lands somewhere in the desert, and he’s found by three characters who are yet to be identified.

Marvel can’t reveal more at this time, but at least we got some closure for that scene in Endgame. The larger mystery — how will Loki return to this timeline? — remains. But the rest of the trailer makes it clear that Loki ends up being captured by the Time Variance Authority, and he’ll now have to travel through time as a potential agent for the organization.

YouTube channel Everything Always has a good rundown of all the Easter eggs in the trailer, including the unexpected cameo of Natasha Romanoff, who also died in Endgame.

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