Lululemon’s Face Mask Feels Like Leggings for Your Face

It feels like everyone is making face masks these days, and they all have their unique twists and innovations. If there was one brand I’ve been waiting on to drop a face mask, it’s Lululemon. Thankfully, they just came out with some, and they have quickly become my new favorite. I’d describe them as a Lululemon legging, just one you get to wear on your face.

Lululemon’s face mask has two straps: one to be placed around the back of your head, and one around your neck—kind of like an N95 mask. At first, I was slightly skeptical of this construction, as I typically wear masks with ear loops, but I soon came to realize the advantages of this strap situation. If you are going on a run with earbuds in, the mask won’t get in the way or cause them to fall out. It’s also great if you’re planning on wearing the mask for a long period of time. Since the mask doesn’t rest on your ears, there is no way for it to cause ear pain. But what I love most about this mask is how secure it ultimately fits. Especially with the advent of double masking, this is a perfect one for the job, but even alone, it’s great for running or for any time you don’t want to worry about adjusting your mask.

Double Strap Face Mask 3 Pack

The mask itself is made out of Ultralu™ fabric, a blend of Nylon and Lycra® elastane that is smooth and stretchy, and easily contours to the shape of your face. There is a seam in the center that helps provide shape and lifts the mask a bit away from your mouth. The mask is machine washable, and comes in plenty of different colors (with more launching soon).

Whether you’re going for a run, or just a walk to the store, this is one of the most comfortable face masks I’ve tried.

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