LG’s rollable OLED TV goes on sale for $87,000

LG’s rollable OLED TV goes on sale for $87,000

After years of teasing, LG is finally selling a rollable OLED TV. The RX-branded Signature OLED R launched in South Korea today, offering a 65-inch 4K display that tucks away into its base at the press of a button. Besides being able to hide completely, as LG has promised in CES previews, the TV has different settings (Full View, Line View and Zero View) for different situations.

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In 2019 LG showed off the “line” setting that peeks a small amount of the display out of its base for use as a clock, to show pictures or control music that’s playing. It can also lower the amount of visible space to avoid showing black bars while you’re watching a movie.

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