Kevin Durant Is Almost Certain The Brooklyn Nets Will Be His Final Destination

Kevin Durant Is Almost Certain The Brooklyn Nets Will Be His Final Destination

Without even playing for the Brooklyn Nets yet, Kevin Durant has made up his mind about his retirement. As of today, he is certain that the Nets will be the final destination of his NBA career. While fans were all looking forward to seeing Durant shine in the Nets, this news was not at all expected.

Brooklyn Nets is the final stop for Kevin Durant?

Durant has been a part of the league for 12 seasons. After signing a four-year contract with the Nets for $164 million in 2019 offseason, his entry into the franchise was received with a lot of excitement. His matchup with Kyrie Irving and having Steve Nash was just another icing on the cake.

Both Kyrie and Kevin have shown a very close bond from the very beginning. This could turn into something powerful on the basketball court. On top of that, they have gained a head coach that has a relationship with the two stars from way back. It is also speculated that KD and Kyrie had a lot to do with the franchise picking Nash as their coach.

Considering how comfortable Durant’s environment is now, this could be the reason the two-time Finals MVP went on ‘The Player Tribune’s Text Message Talk Show’ and told Dorell Write that he wants to finish his career with the Nets.

Out of curiosity, Dorell asked, “So is Brooklyn the final stop?” to which KD responded, “As of today, this second, yes…”

KD’s bitter exit from the previous franchise’s

Call it bad luck, but Durant has had a very unpleasant departure from his previous teams. The bashing he got from fans for leaving Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016 was unreal. For the fans, his decision simply felt like a betrayal. After playing eight seasons with the Thunder, KD left them for the rivals who had returned from a 3-1 deficit against them in the conference finals, the Golden State Warriors.

Following that, leaving Warriors was a result of a quarrel between two teammates. It happened during a game against the Clippers. A misunderstanding on the court between Durant and Draymond Green blew way out of proportion and resulted in his exit, among other things.

Considering the equations he has already formed with the players and the coach in Nets, KD has found his home. Therefore, he believes that the Nets are the best team to retire under.

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