Immortal Hulk #45 puts Bruce Banner’s Gamma power on the line

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Writer Al Ewing’s Immortal Hulk is barreling toward its presumed conclusion around issue #50 (though Ewing hasn’t put an exact expiration date on the title), and now Marvel has released a preview of interior pages for Immortal Hulk #45, which puts Hulk in one of his most vulnerable positions yet.

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Immortal Hulk #45 preview

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“The Hulk is at his lowest point. His strength is gone. His friends cannot reach him. Gamma itself has turned against him,” reads Marvel’s official synopsis for Immortal Hulk #45. “What hope is there now? What hope is left… for THE WEAKEST THERE IS?”

In the course of Immortal Hulk, Hulk has gone through several of the Hulk’s personas; from his brutal, cunning Devil Hulk persona to a weak, Gamma-starved version of the Savage Hulk, one who is desperate for safety and to escape danger. The title has also explored many of Hulk’s other alter personas, including Joe Fixit – who has gotten a makeover himself, occupying Banner’s body as opposed to Hulk’s super strong form.

Here’s a gallery of covers for Immortal Hulk #45.

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Immortal Hulk #45 covers

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Over the series, Hulk’s relationship with Gamma radiation has also changed, with his discovery of the ‘Green Door,’ a portal to a Hellish dimension where those who are irradiated with Gamma go when they die – and where they also find the path to resurrection.

Immortal Hulk initially established that no matter what, if Hulk or Bruce Banner die, they’ll come back to life (usually at night). However, Hulk’s old enemy the Leader also discovered the power of the Green Door, using it to enact a plan to destroy the Hulk while also taking control of the bodies of numerous Gamma mutates – including one version of Hulk himself.

Immortal Hulk #45 goes on sale on April 7.

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