Hult Prize The U.K is the Regional Final host for the U.N.’ Nobel Prize for Students’

The Hult Prize is an international initiative in which students worldwide develop social enterprises to compete for $1m from the United Nations (U.N.). Students from 3,000 universities across 121 countries firstly take part in individual campus competitions for the honour of going through to the regional final.

It is an innovative opportunity for young changemakers to put forward their best solutions to solve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This year’s challenge is for students to ‘transform food into a vehicle of change for good via creating jobs, stimulating economies, reimagining supply chains and improving the outcomes for 10m people’.

 The University of Portsmouth is the first university in the U.K. to host the Impact Summit since the inception of this prestigious contest. Due to Covid restrictions, this year’s competition pitches is to be delivered to the high profile judges and speakers in attendance as a virtual online event, publicised via a digital studio and coordinated by students on the Organising Committee and campus director Victoria Yates.

The event will be taking place on Friday 23rd April 2021. It is open to college and university students, industry professionals, academic leaders, and non-profit / government executives.

In December 2020, the Portsmouth campus winners were ‘Team BHBC’. The team created a society that harnessed new technology to improve food production and allowed more impoverished communities the chance to trade waste in return for nutritional foods. The winning team are now one step closer to competing in September for the $1m prizes at the U.N.’s New York headquarters.

After this competition round, the U.N. representative and judge Claudio Assenti had this to say: ‘It was a fantastic evening with deserving students and innovative ideas. I think if our youngest generation continues with this passion and this motivation, we will have a bright future ahead.’

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Public Relations Officer,

Fidelia Amezhinim Job

Hult Prize at the University of Portsmouth


SOURCE: The Hult Prize Foundation

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