How Pure Storage Uses Priority Engine to Create More Valuable Sales Conversations and Set More Meetings


Pure Storage needed to create more valuable sales interactions for SDRs in order to generate more meetings with a defined purpose.


They use TechTarget’s Priority Engine to learn what accounts are researching, identify active prospects on the buying team and get intent insights to drive meaningful sales conversations with the right people.


Priority Engine has become a single source of truth for the Pure Storage SDR team. Reps who are using the platform are hitting 100% of their meeting goals.

An interview with successful technology sales innovator, Brett Haynes, Sales Development Manager at Pure Storage

Pure Storage delivers a modern data experience that empowers organizations to run their operations as a true, automated, storage as-a-service model seamlessly across multiple clouds. Pure helps customers put data to use while reducing the complexity and expense of managing the infrastructure behind it.

Brett is an SDR Manager for the West Coast Commercial and SLED team. Check Brett out on LinkedIn!

Tell us a little bit about your team and what you are trying to accomplish using Priority Engine. What are your primary goals?

My team of Sales Development Reps is responsible for setting meetings in a targeted fashion using mostly outbound outreach. We are using Priority Engine to help set more meetings using the intent insights to find a reason to call and create more value in our conversations. My personal goal for my team is to have a defined purpose for every single meeting, and with Priority Engine, we are able to do this.

How is Priority Engine set up to help sales see success?

We have each of our Priority Engine lists set up by our sales reps’ territories. We also have curated lists built depending on what the SDRs need. For example, if they have visited our website or are looking at a particular technology topic or competitor, we build out lists that way. The Priority Engine lists help us get super granular and target specific goals we are looking to accomplish in a quarter. Our Account Executives work with our SDRs to team up on different campaigns. Typically, our SDRs will help the AEs by going into Priority Engine to do some digging and find what their accounts are researching, who the active prospects on the buying team are, and what insights they can use to help tailor their conversations.

Those sales reps who are using Priority Engine are the ones who are hitting 100% of their goals.”

How is your team using Priority Engine on a day-to-day basis?

We have Priority Engine Email Alerts enabled for all the rep’s account lists. They like that they can see the most active accounts each week when they receive the Email Alerts in their inbox every Monday. When they want to do more proactive outreach, they will go into Priority Engine to do more digging to uncover what the prospects care about.

We find we have more traction with phone calls versus emails, so we are generally more phone heavy, spending about 75% of our time on the phone. We also find that it takes about 12 touches to get a response from a prospect. So, it’s essential to do everything we can to make our conversations more valuable and more personalized, which is where Priority Engine comes into play. The reps who use Priority Engine to uncover specific insights and use them in their conversations and emails see more success. As a storage company, we always want to leverage data to help us progress forward, and we leverage Priority Engine heavily to be successful in sales.

How has Priority Engine helped you to overcome your challenges and see success?

With Priority Engine, we’re able to find the right personas that we care about and have a purpose to call. Our persona targets can vary, so we like that we can leverage Priority Engine to hone in on all of the active prospects to find the real people doing the research.

For a company like us that has been around a while, just identifying contacts at an account isn’t enough, we need more to get meetings to stick. One of the most significant advantages of Priority Engine is the insights that give us a reason to call. Without the insights, you’re just shooting in the dark. We use to record and analyze our sales calls, and we find that if you have a reason why you’re calling, you will have better conversations and a higher chance of progressing a lead. Since using Priority Engine, we always have a reason to call and can personalize our conversations to get a much better response rate.

Do you have any specific examples or success stories you can share?

One of the reps on my team who was close to his number for the quarter was hitting a wall with stale opportunities. We pulled a list from Priority Engine for his territory and cross-referenced it with those looking at our corporate website using Inbound Converter. Using this list, he was able to identify the right people at his accounts, and use the intent insights to generate enough meetings to exceed his goal! Those sales reps who are using Priority Engine are the reps that are hitting 100% of their goals.

What do you like most about Priority Engine and the TechTarget team?

Priority Engine is my one single source of truth. It’s front and center on my dashboard. The SDRs live within Priority Engine to help them be successful. Priority Engine is one of the solutions that makes it possible for everyone on the sales team to hit their goals.

The TechTarget team is an extension of our own. They attend our meetings, help with sales training, and are always super responsive and helpful.

A big thank you to Brett for sharing some feedback with us. We look forward to hearing about more of your success in the future!

If you’re interested in sharing your TechTarget story with us, feel free to reach out to Sarah Geissler.

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