How Clinical Supplies USA is bringing N95 and other masks to market

November 9, 2020 | 12:01am

Eight months since the onset of the current COVID-19 public health crisis, the words “out of stock” remain plastered across multiple products on Amazon, Walmart, Target and a host of other tried and true American retail sites. As cases surge again, the demand for N95 masks only continues to grow, leaving Americans scrambling for masks more than ever. Clinical Supplies USA, however, is succeeding where so many others are failing in bringing these masks — including made-in-America 3M N95 masks — to market.

 Most recently, the company has managed to procure 9205+ masks, which are in incredibly high demand. This mask was manufactured in response to the pandemic and is considered by many to be the most comfortable mask manufactured by 3M. A quick look at Clinical Supplies USA reviews shows just how popular the mask is:

“As a nurse, this mask has been life-changing. I used to have horrible marks on my face from other N95’s, but the 9205+ rests so comfortably!” -Rochester M.

“I am a grade school teacher, and manage a classroom of 22 rowdy kids each and every day. I stumbled across Clinical Supplies, which has reliably provided me with all the N95 masks I could ask for. The 9205+ has been my favorite model I’ve tried thus far, and the best in terms of keeping my glasses fog-free.” -Sabine P.

Provided by Clinical Supplies USA

Clinical Supplies USA has also brought to market
ASTM level 3 surgical masks, a product made right here in the United States, that offers just about the most protection a disposable mask can offer. These products serve to complement the existing line of N95 masks, like the best-selling 8210, and the valved 8511 that are specifically made for those with severe respiratory illness or those impacted by events like the California wildfires.

As demand for masks has skyrocketed, the company has doubled its warehouse staff, exclusively hiring American workers who would otherwise be unemployed because of COVID-19. The creation of jobs for these men and women stands as a testament to the fact that purchasing from Clinical Supplies USA means reinvesting in American communities and industry.

The BBB accredited business also maintains a strict “no price-gouging” policy, which can be seen front and center on its homepage. Their recent donations of masks to a federal health center and the San Diego fire department go to show that this company truly cares about those they serve.

To learn more about N95 masks for sale by Clinical Supplies and the company’s mission to keep Americans safe, click here.

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