“He’s been saying ‘get ready’ because you’re going to see some spectacular things”: Dana White talks McGregor vs. Poirier II

For the second time in a little over six years, Conor McGregor is just over a week out from fighting Dustin Poirier. 

The first fight, which came as part of the UFC 178 card in Las Vegas in late September 2014, was seen by some as the fight in which McGregor firmly demonstrated the skills (to a wider audience, at least) which would eventually lead him to becoming the UFC’s first-ever two-weight world champion.

Since that fight, though, both have fighters have blossomed even further. Poirier, who was on the receiving end of a first round TKO loss, seemed to galvanise himself with the performance, moving to lightweight and went on a run which would lead to an interim world title.

And speaking exclusively to TheMacLife in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, Dana White couldn’t restrain his excitement at the upcoming contest at UFC 257 on January 23 which will bring the curtain down on the UFC’s latest ‘Fight Island’ residency.

“I always talk about Rogan and I, when [we] talk about fights,” White said. “Rogan and I can be on the phone for an hour freaking out about a fight that we’re excited about and we get into all these different things. Conor gets that way too on that level when he’s about to fight and when he’s mentally really into it and he’s ‘on’.

“He’s been saying ‘get ready’ because you’re going to see some spectacular things on Saturday, and I believe every word of it. What excites me is Dustin Poirier is saying ‘if you think that I’m the same guy as before…’ you know? Both of these guys are in the right place for this fight.”



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