Here’s Your Answer to Safe Countertop Fryer Oil Disposal

Introducing The SS-645 ‘Mini’ Pump Shortening Shuttle®

(  For countertop fryers, safe and efficient waste oil disposal has been an on-going problem.  Until now, the only way to empty a countertop fryer was to dangerously pour hot oil into a container.  No more!

Now, waste oil can be hand pumped from the fryer directly into the onboard storage tank of the SS-645 ‘Mini Pump’ Shortening Shuttle®.  And it’s a time saver!  Once full, the tank is wheeled to your waste area, and hand pumped into your disposal tank.

Holding 5.5 gallons, with a ‘footprint’ of only 13.8” x 18.7” x 37”, this compact Shortening Shuttle® is just what the industry has been looking for.  Made from aluminum by a company with 30+ years of quality excellence, the unit is the “wise buy” for the operator looking to safely and efficiently “Shuttle” away the oil!

Concerned about getting water in the pump? Not a problem!  Order the SS-645-GR!  This model comes with a stainless steel manual pump.  With a stainless steel pump, water is no longer an issue.

See more about our new product at . The product demo begins 38secs into the video.

Questions: Call 800-533-5711 or email  We are always ready to help.

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