Everything We’re Buying on Amazon Prime Day 2020

Image: Amazon

‘Tis the season, or so it goes. Amazon Prime Day is almost finally over, and let me tell you folks, it’s been a whirlwind of a couple days. The deals are plentiful, if admittedly a mixed bag, which is why our team here at The Inventory has devoted countless hours sifting through and finding the best Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals overall. But the best deals aren’t always the ones we’re buying ourselves. Whether because of budget restrictions or the circumstances of our specific needs, what we choose to buy is a highly personal venture. Letting someone in on your Amazon order history reveals a lot about who you are, one might argue even more so than a conversation over a cup of coffee or a drink at the bar (what are those anyway? lol).

In an abnormal year, brimming with unpredictable happenings at every turn, let’s take a step back and trade secrets. We’ll give you a peek into our Prime Day purchases if you drop us a comment letting us know what you bought this year, complete with a link to buy, of course, so we can check it out ourselves. Maybe we’ll find similarities in our wants and interests—or hidden gems either of us might’ve missed. As the hustle and bustle of bargain bin shopping comes to a close, tell us, what are you snatching up on Prime Day this year? Then take a dive and see the savings we’re chasing. Should anything entice, the path to the checkout line is only a few clicks away, and you don’t have to wait for long.

Gabe Carey, Commerce Content & Strategy Manager

Graphic: Quentyn Kennemer

Shanchar Adjustable Dumbbells Set | $166-230 | Amazon

While I snagged ‘em a few days before Prime Day technically, this adjustable weight set comes from a brand you’ve probably never heard of. Well, neither have I, but it’s slim pickings out there in the freeweight market due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and sometimes you have to take what you can get. Shanchar’s dumbbells come in a variety of sizes including 44-, 66-, and 88-pound weights, starting at $166 when you clip the coupon on the site. Maximize your floor workouts with the 88-pound set and you’re looking at a checkout price of $230. Admittedly, I copped these for a slightly lower price last week, but considering they’re one of the few dumbbell sets you’ll find in stock and boast a 3.9-star rating out of 267 reviews on Amazon, this is a deal you won’t want to pass up. You never know when they’ll remove the coupon off the page, so snap up a pair for yourself—or gift them to a swole friend—for up to $30 off.

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Ignacia Fulcher, Commerce Editor

Graphic: Ignacia Fulcher

Millard Reading Pillow | $33

Recently, I transformed an extra room in my house into a home office. But as I am a girl in this world, I sometimes like to work on the spare bed in the home office. It’s comfortable and soft, so can you blame me. One thing about working from your bed, though—sometimes you need a little extra support, which is why I’m eyeing this Husband-style pillow for Prime Day. It’s only $33 and has sturdy memory foam to mold to my body while I’m on my laptop, ultimately helping my posture and keeping me comfortable all at the same time!

Jordan McMahon, Commerce Editor

Image: Everlasting Comfort

Everlasting Comfort Pure Memory Foam Knee Pillow | $19 | Amazon

One should never place an Amazon order before they’re fully awake, lest they risk sending a pillow meant for pain relief to their parent’s address rather than one’s own. When your lower back’s been giving you trouble for a few weeks, that’s a massive self-imposed bummer. Luckily, while waiting for my order to be canceled, I saw this pillow is down to $19, and it seems to offer the same shape and benefits as the pillow I’d tragically misordered. It’s not for everyone, but for side sleepers whose backs have bore the burden of poor home office ergonomics, this may give your back some much-needed relief.

Quentyn Kennemer, Associate Commerce Editor

Graphic: Quentyn Kennemer

Simple Modern Milwaukee Bucks Tumbler | $27 | Amazon

I’d planned to write about the RAM I panic bought thanks to PTSD from the extreme post-shortage price hikes, but they’re all sold out, and that’s kind of boring. Instead, let’s talk about the new Simple Modern water bottle I snagged after losing my old one, a plain black 32-ounce growler. I loved it, don’t get me wrong. It keeps your drinks hot or cold for hours, just as advertised. But I’m trying on a new me in 2020, one that’s trading a lifelong obsession with simple black and chromatic color schemes in literally everything I own for a little splash of life. I scratched that itch most recently with this vacuum-insulated Milwaukee Bucks tumbler, which was 25% off its list price for Prime Day. It fits my current extended stay-at-home life just a bit better than the old growler did, and I figured it best to double down on my loyalty to the deer after the strangest (and most predictable) NBA season we’ve ever had.

Andrew Hayward, Contributing Editor & Producer

Graphic: Andrew Hayward

Bossman Beard Oil | $12 | Amazon

Grow Alpha Beard Grooming Kit | $10 | Amazon

Chicago’s bitter winter isn’t far off now, and after keeping both my hair and beard short during the summer, I’m more than ready to revert to my usual plan of letting it all grow and not taking any length off of my beard until next summer. I’m not very fussy about my beard, but for the sake of my partner, I should at least aim to keep it soft. That’s why I ordered a fresh bottle of Bossman Beard Oil, which is a few bucks off during Prime Day, and which has worked well in the past. And since I found my beard brush knocked into the litter box earlier this week, I went ahead and grabbed the discounted Grow Alpha Beard Grooming Kit too. Bring on the beard … but, you know, soft and not too horrible-looking.

Sheilah Villari, Morning Deals Writer

Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Geekshare NASA Hardshell Case for Nintendo Switch | $20 | Amazon

While I love my Animal Crossing Switch case it’s getting pretty worn out. I often just toss it in my backpack and hope for the best. But I think the time has come for something more heavy-duty. This hardshell case from GeekShare caught my eye. Not only does it fit my need for more protection for my beloved Nintendo device but it fulfills my nerdiness for NASA. As a space geek, this kitschy Japanese NASA logo and coloring is just so very 1960s. Vintage vibes for a vintage babe all coming together with function and fashion. It’s got double zippers, shock-absorbing material, room for 10 game cards, and two Joy-Con. That’s some out of this world storage.

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