Demon’s Souls is getting a drop-dead gorgeous vinyl soundtrack

(Image credit: MIlan Records)

Demon’s Souls PS5‘s excellent soundtrack is being bundled into a stunning vinyl edition. This wonderful collector’s item is available for pre-order now and due to release on June 18.

The double LP set from Milan Records features new and exclusive artwork from Ken Taylor inspired by Bluepoint’s PS5 remake of Demon’s Souls, with the game’s haunting score pressed onto high-quality vinyl and tucked inside custom gatefold packaging. The records themselves are available in a bunch of different equally beautiful color variants on top of the golden amber wide release. Check ’em all out below and join me in spending my weekend bouncing back and forth between which one to get.

(Image credit: Milan Records)

Shunsuke Kida’s digitally recorded score from the original game was rearranged using a full orchestra and choir for the PS5 remake, and the moody atmosphere and epic boss battles benefit from the fresh recording. The digital version of the soundtrack launched in November alongside a neat little behind-the-scenes video on its recording. “Music is used sparingly, and fear builds within you from its absence, and a sense of loneliness and desperation creeps in,” said SIE creative director Gavin Moore. “But the void left by the music is filled with sound, which surrounds you and envelops you.”

The vinyl edition comes with two double-sided vinyl pressings and 20 tracks from the game in total, and you can pre-order it from retailers like Amazon for about $35.

If you’re still struggling to make it to the end, there’s no shame in consulting our Demon’s Souls PS5 walkthrough for a little help.

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