Call Of Duty: Warzone’s latest patch nerfs its two most dominant guns

It remains to be seen if it’ll make a difference, though

Recently Call Of Duty: Warzone had been plagued by two guns: the FFAR and the AUG. If you wielded both of these hunks of metal, you’d be able to delete enemies at all ranges. Nothing came close. In an attempt to fix the game’s stale meta, Raven Software have hit them both with nerfs. But the question remains, is it enough?

Over the last few weeks it’s been FFAR and AUG central in Warzone. The former is a rapid-firing assault rifle that’s rendered the submachine gun category useless, while the latter is a burst-fire number with ridiculous damage at range. It’s proven to be an unbeatable combo.

Raven Software’s latest patch targets both of these weapons. First up is the AUG, which they’ve confusingly referred to as the “Cold War Tactical Rifle Charlie” (literally no-one calls it this). Anyway, they’ve upped its recoil so it should make it more difficult to rattle off shots and stay accurate at longer ranges.

It’s worth quickly noting that this is actually the second AUG nerf over the last few weeks. Raven Software increased its recoil with Warzone Season Two’s mid-season update at the end of March. I’ve not had time to test it, but from watching a few clips, it does seem to be trickier to handle at long range, but it looks like it’ll still be a mid-range powerhouse.

And onto the FFAR, which now takes longer to aim down sights. Raven Software hope that this will bring it “a bit more in line with what you might expect from an AR – damage and range at the cost of handling”. I mean, I gave it a whirl last night and certainly felt like I couldn’t snap to enemies at short range quite as comfortably. Although, it seems like I could offset this slower ADS speed by doing some attachment shuffling. Either way, I imagine it’ll stick around, but hopefully not without SMGs roaming free again.

If you need to adjust your loadouts accordingly, I’d recommend keeping an eye on our best FFAR and AUG setup guides as they’ll be updated pronto. And I discuss Warzone’s latest shenanigans with dearest squaddie James in the Warzone Audio Bang Podcast, so if you’re a fan of Verdansk this pod will suit your earholes.

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