Bloober Team says Observer 2 might be its next game

(Image credit: Bloober Team/Aspyr)

Bloober Team hasn’t announced its next game after The Medium, but it says Observer 2 is a possibility. 

Talking to VG247, The Medium lead designer Wojciech Piejko touched on what could be next for the studio in a way that’s sure to please fans of Bloober Team’s trademark psychological horror, specifically 2017’s Observer.

“We never know [what’s next],” Piejko said. “It’s always like, okay, so what will be next? Maybe Observer 2 or maybe… we are always wondering. So we are not closing any doors, but right now we can only say that there will be darkness behind those doors.”

Interestingly enough, Bloober Team seemed to tease Observer 2 a year ago with a cryptic video, but hasn’t said anything else about a potential sequel until now.

Observer recently got a next-gen facelift for the remastered and expanded PS5 and Xbox Series X versions, titled Observer: System Redux. On top of 4K resolution and next-gen tech like ray-tracing and HDR lighting, the remaster includes all sorts of new content including three new story missions, new mechanics, redesigned stealth gameplay, quality-of-life improvements, and more. Short of a proper sequel (for now), System Redux offers a lot of new goodies for fans of the original game hungry for more.

For now, Bloober Team is prepping for the long-awaited launch of The Medium, its ambitious next-gen Xbox exclusive about a spiritual medium untangling a great tragedy that’s been haunting her visions. The Medium launches January 28 on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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