Become a cold-pressed juice person with this Omega juicer for under $100

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Hop on those healthy TikTok juice recipes with an affordable slow-speed juicer.

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By Leah StodartMashable Shopping

Save $49.96: The Omega H3000D slow masticating juicer (in black) is on sale for $99.99 on Amazon as of March 18, a savings of over 30%.

It’s been a year of scrounging for indoor hobbies. Bread baking, embroidery, and plant propagation have all seen their own side of TikTok.

Juicing would be a good (healthy) one if you’re looking, and sipping on green juice in the morning could give the illusion of a normal pit stop before work. Start testing combinations of celery, lemon, ginger, and more for less than $100 with Amazon’s 33% discount on Omega’s budget slow juicer in black.

Masticating juicers operate slowly, called cold press because the slow spinning method generates next to no heat — heat that’s been blamed for destroying nutrients in faster centrifugal juicers that sound like blenders. (Sabotaging the healthy enzymes feels antithetical to juicing, right?)

Omega’s line of slow-speed juicers are well-known in the healthy kitchen world. Slower speeds are better in this case, and the H3000D’s 90 RPM is impressive for the price (compared to a mid-range Omega that hits 80 RPM). Despite its leisurely pace, its high-power motor and three-stage auger system are able to yield a high amount of juice with dry pulp. A full head of celery only takes about a minute to process, and quick frozen desserts are on the table as well.

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