Avoid these terrible Christmas gift ideas unless you want to disappoint someone
  • A survey conducted by Vistaprint reveals the gifts that people are most likely to regift.
  • The list is filled with generic gifts that tend to be last-second purchases.
  • Whatever you do, avoid picture frames.

Ah, the holidays. There’s nothing quite like the fear and anxiety one can experience when trying to pick out a gift for someone they care about. Will they like it? Will they even pretend to like it? We’re never quite sure, but we do know what we ourselves hate to get as gifts, and based on a new survey by Vistaprint, via BestLife, it would seem that there are a handful of gifts that the majority of people just don’t like to receive.

It’s no surprise that the survey seems to heavily favor gifts that are personalized — that’s what Vistaprint does, after all — but it’s worth considering this list when attempting to avoid gifts that will make eyes roll.

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The list is pretty short, but it includes a number of things that we might consider to be “go-to” gifts for people that are hard to shop for. The survey data includes the number of people who said they wouldn’t even open the gift and would just try to pass it off on someone else as a dreaded regift.

Here’s the list:

  1. Picture frames – 34% will regift
  2. Body care gift boxes – 33% will regift
  3. Scented candles – 32% will regift
  4. Beauty gift boxes – 30% will regift
  5. Boxes of chocolates – 29% will regift

Okay, so, I’m just going to go ahead and admit that there are a couple of items on this list that not only would I not regift, but that I’d actually probably enjoy. I’m not going to tell you which ones because that’s not important (chocolate and candles), but I will say that I’m not totally against these kinds of non-specific gift ideas.

That being said, I can totally understand why some people would dislike getting something like a body care set, especially if they’ve been getting them year after year from random people in their lives. It’s the kind of thing you might never open or if you do, you might only use one or two items and the rest will become bathroom clutter until the end of time.

In any case, I think we can all agree that picture frames aren’t the greatest gift idea. Unless someone specifically asked for one, I can’t imagine a scenario in which a picture frame would strike me as a cool gift idea. That’s not to say that some people wouldn’t like or use them — only a third of people said they’d regift it, after all — but if you find yourself considering a picture frame as a gift, maybe just go with a gift card instead.

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