18 Passive-Aggressive Gifts for Your Terrible Roommate

When you share a living space with other human beings, a few bumps in the road are inevitable. That’s especially true now that, thanks to the ongoing pandemic, you’ve been stuck inside with your roommate more often than you’d like. Sometimes those bumps can feel more like mountains. You know, like when your roommate is constantly “forgetting” to pay the bills, leaving clothes all over the floor, and stealing your food from the fridge.

Instead of treating your roomie to another coffee gift card or pair of slippers, why not get them a gift that’ll double as a hint? Healthy communication is fine and dandy, but so is a self-help book, an oversized robe, or one of the other recommendations in this list.

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  • Photograph: Amazon

    For the Extra-Casual Dresser

    Alexander Del Rossa Plush Fleece Robe with Hood

    We all like dressing down, but if your roommate gets a little too casual, it’s time to rectify that situation. You could just pipe up and politely ask them to avoid walking around the house sans pants, especially when you’re in a Zoom meeting, and especially while you’re in a Zoom meeting with your boss. Alternatively, just get them this oversize robe. It has a hood, deep pockets, and most important, a big tie to hold the whole thing together. Your roommate will be happy, and your colleagues won’t be scarred for life.

  • Photograph: Amazon

    For the Forgetful Roommate

    Quick Canary Magnetic Weekly Dry Erase Board

    Does your housemate “forget” to pay bills by their due date? Are they constantly shirking pet-sitting duties? Have you reminded them several times which day of the week is trash day, only to watch them miss it again? Enough! This household calendar sticks to your fridge, though you can also hang it on the wall. Use the included dry-erase markers to jot down important dates and reminders so you never have to nag your roommate again. It’s also handy to have these around for less passive-aggressive purposes. Use it to inform your roommates you’re going out of town, or mark down birthdays so no one forgets.

  • Photograph: Amazon

    For the Food Thief

    Dissolvable Food Labels

    Is your fridge space being eradicated by leftovers? Do you swear your housemate is stealing your food? This is more a gift to yourself, but use these labels to mark the date or, better yet, your territory. They’re dissolvable—the adhesive washes right off and won’t ruin your storage containers. They also stick to just about everything, even your special name-brand plant milk. Your future hungry self will thank you.

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